SharpFutures POD is a pool of entry level, eager to gain experience, new entrants with the ability to provide important, flexible support to fledgling and fast-growing businesses in the creative digital sector.

With members recruited and retained based on a desire to develop sector-relevant skills, SharpFutures POD offer clients the opportunity to bring on board temporary, support staff while also playing a valuable part in young people’s career development.


The Sharp Project

Please pass along my sincere thanks to all your runners

The Sharp Project is home to over 60 digital entrepreneurs and production companies.

Manchester City Council

I want to say a huge thank you for sending Bav and Shu-Ling our way. Once they’d been briefed and given their responsibilities, we had no worries at all about them. I would definitely recommend them at any event and it’s clear to see they are very keen to learn more and take on bigger responsibilities

Space Studios Manchester

High level of attention to detail. Follows every task through to the letter straight away, will offer up a way to complete the task better if possible.

Space Studios Manchester is a purpose built facility for high end TV, film & commercial production.


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